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talking about what is america trance forming to? oligarh-huh? what's missing? show the chalkboard from earlier this week. oh, that's the word that's missing. hang on just a second. so what we were missing yesterday was czars! so the liberal blogs -- who is smart? who said that progressives just wouldn't get it? what they taught us now is that you can't spell oligarch without the czars. thank you. thank you so much. i appreciate it. you liberal bloggers, you need to stick around because i think you will be able to help america learn some more things. come on. follow me. hello, america. boy, what a week it has been. the president, he said a couple of things. he said you want to understand what i'm going to do and what my policies are, you got to look to the people around me. ok. we have done that all week. he said he was going to fundamentally transform america. oh, he's doing that. since january 20, he has been racing full steam ahead towards the transformation of america. but what is it we're transforming >> into? this week, i have to tell you, i have felt fear in this country for a lo
, and remember, you question with boldness! come on, follow me. hello, america. we have some more questions for you tonight. i believe, just so you know going in that this is probably the most controversial show of the week, because you must understand the last three episodes of this show to be able to see and come to a place where you can believe that these crazy things may actually be happening. i want you to know, i hope these things are not happening. i hope that there is some other explanation, but i needed you to see who is advising the president earlier this week and what they are doing and who they are before i could ask you to look at this phrase from barack obama and think that the president of the united states literally means this. >> we cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we set. we've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded. glenn: i mean, i don't know how anybody is going to respond to the facts that i'm going to present tonight, because quite
the celebration by singing god bless america and i hope you'll join them. . . the hope still lives and the dream shall never die. he had his sleeves and wakeful nights. he had his nightmares and yet he dreamt a dream that was trapped of the heart -- that was a draft of the heart and only his great heart could hold. he gave flesh to that the dream in the noble house of his thought where the sick were healed, the sphere broken, and the stranger welcomed. it is the age-old dream of the profits -- of the profitphets. there will be a bank would ge-- there will be a bank with yet -- there will be a banquet yet. the laugh, the sound of roses, the music -- may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest. ♪ ♪ dodd bless america -- god bless america ♪ landed that i love the ♪ stand beside her ♪ and the guide her ♪ through the night ♪ with the light from above ♪ from the mountain to the prairie ♪ to the ocean ♪ god bless america ♪ my home sweet home ♪ god bless america ♪ my home sweet home ♪ died bless america -- god bless america ♪ land that i love ♪ stand beside her ♪ and a
the rewriting of america's restrictive immigration laws, drafted in the 1920s. he fought hard for the immigration and nationality act of 1965, signed by president lyndon johnson. and as america inches toward majority-minority status, with the descendants of european immigrants a declining share of the population, the face of today's america is the one kennedy's efforts helped create, for better... >> i think it is fair to say that senator kennedy was one of the architects of the america of the future. >> suarez: ... or for worse. >> the '65 act put american immigration on auto-pilot. >> suarez: by the time of the john kennedy administration, america had absorbed the huge ellis island generations of immigrants who poured in from europe from roughly 1880 to 1920. president kennedy, whose great- grandparents came to boston from ireland, supported scrapping the existing quota system that used 19th-century america's ethnic makeup as a template for letting in new arrivals, favoring europeans and effectively sealing off newcomers from the rest of the world. on the senate floor in 200
america. >> i have some of those also. somehow, in some way, these men gave people a sense of hope in a time of hopelessness. tavis: you were there, one of the foot soldiers with dr. king. we know that you were beaten and almost killed on a number of locations. you were the youngest person to speak at the march on washington on that day where king gave the "i have a dream" speech. your resume is intact and regard to your duty and service on the civil rights front. because you were there, you were there, and dr. king was not always happy with john kennedy or bobby kennedy. edward kennedy seemed to take a different tact. what you make of that? >> -- what do you make of that? >> we were not always happy with the president of -- the position of president kennedy or robert kennedy, but along came brother teddy kennedy, who bitterly as a senator threw everything that he had, his soul, his heart, his guts into supporting strong supports legislation and to be a voice. i think he learned from his brothers that we could do better, and he wanted to eat -- one of the strongest piece of civil r
and i mean america really falling back. i mean, america really declining. i mean opportunity slipping away. sound -- founded fierce? unfounded fears? >> the reason they're unfounded is because there's a disconnect between the people who are leading this country and the people who are supposed to be leading. a new poll shows that 70% of americans would favor less government and lower taxes. their attitude, that tastes great and it's less filling. that's what they'd really like to see. but the government and, look, republicans have to take some blame on this because they help set some of this stuff up with the tarp bill last fall. but when you start having a government that ignores the people, holds them in contempt, makes fun of them, calls them a mob -- sean: when did this ever happen? >> ridicules them. the divide gets greater and greater but clearly there's something not getting through to the people in washington, d.c. sean: governor, everything that the government seems to touch is bankrupt. i'm using a term government derangement syndrome, that in spite of the post office failing
mexico and central america focuses on immigration issues. but tonight we want to explore another story emerging in that part of the world, the decriminalization of drugs. last week the mexican government announced that it will no longer jail users of small amounts of marijuana, cocaine and heroin. and other countries in that region have taken similar steps. what's it all about? well, for more we are joined tonight from washington by john walsh. he is a senior associate on drug policy for the washington office on latin america, which describes itself as a think tank advocacy group promoting human rights and democracy in latin america. welcome to the program. first, tell us more about what these new laws in mexico are. >> well, essentially they decriminalize possession for personal consumption across a range of elicit substances, whether it's marijuana or cocaine, and the mexican law, while new for mexico, is not necessarily new for latin america. there are similar decriminalization statutes up and down the continent, and it's a growing movement with recent argentine court decisions open
should not forget senator kennedy's liberal vision for america never became a reality. during his lifetime, he was on the losing side of almost every major issue. from nuclear disarmament, to welfare, reform, for amnesty to illegal aliens. and today the impassioned opposition to obama care at these town hall events is yet another public repudiation of senator kennedy's political vision. so, if democrats think that calling nationalized health care the ed ward kennedy memorial health care act is going to safe it? history teaches us another lesson. shut democrats proceed down this membershippive path, the next big memorial will be for the democratic majority in congress. and that's the memo. now on to our top story. a different take on this. joining us from new york, democratic strategist tara dowel and conservative columnist andrea tantaros. this is a tough subject because the country is remembering the contributions of senator kennedy whether you are republican or democrat, you honor the man's memory and what he tried to do with people. whether you disagree with him or agree with h
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stories making news "early today" in america. >>> in south carolina, police dash cam video shows why one officer lost his job. the cop was trailing a group of teens on an atv. when they do pull over, the cop pushes him and hits him multiple times with a flashlight. he was fired after the police chief saw this video. >>> deja vu. this captures the man's 22nd dui violation. the suspect failed his field sobriety test and was later found to have five times the legal alcohol limit. at the time he was pulled over, he had a revoked license and three warrants out for his arrest. >>> florida residents are dealing with an unexpected effect of the depressed economy. this is it. vacant homes serving as prime real estate for massive killer bee colonies. a bee remover found 20,000 bees buzzing on one porch alone. without new homeowners moving in, his winged residents likely will continue to invade houses. >>> a new wax sculpture of the late king of pop was unveiled in los angeles. the $300,000 figure shows michael jackson in wardrobe laid out for the concerts he had planned in london. publicists claim
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for the $20 million people of the negro race right here in america? it is time for the democratic party to take up the cause of health. and as long as i have a voice in the united states senate, it's going to be for that democratic platform plank that provides decent quality of health care. today i formally announce that i am a candidate for president of the united states. thank you very much. good to see you. for all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dream shall never die. if we become pale, carbon cop pips of the opposition, and try to act like republicans, we will lose and deserve to lose. i don't think i'm too old to be your united states senator. do you? you look so pretty. i think we've been enormously kind of blessed about being close to the sea. all of that means in terms of the child, enjoying it. the solitude and the serenity, and the peace. the work begins anew. the hope rises again. and the dream lives on. >> we will have coverage of the funeral mass for senator kennedy and his burial at arlington natio
. >> broad section of america. you know, middle class, working class people carrying american flags and big signs that say good-bye teddy. >> reporter: thousands more with the 70-mile journey where niece carolyn kennedy likely touched the hearse to boston where mayor men mean know rang the bell at faneuil hall 47 times. one for each year kennedy served in the senate. >> he's a national treasure, but he's just so close to our hearts in a personal way. >> reporter: they came to say good-bye, and one other thing. >> our little way of saying thank you. >> reporter: thank you for nearly five decades of service. tonight there will be an irish wake for kennedy family and friends. tomorrow, president obama speaks at the funeral before senator kennedy is laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. john hendrin, abc news, boston. >>> the last days summer because the maryland state fair kicks off today at the timonium fairgrounds. a special day for military families as well as nonmilitary pamlys to demonstrate the troops. they celebrate all things maryland. the animals are always a must- see. the 4
says this is leroy carhart who plans to take tiller's place as the number one abortionist in america. with your help we can stop him. now that george tiller's mill is closed forever, leroy carhart plans to take his place, open a new butchering mill he already operates in nebraska. this is where operation rescue comes in. as you know our years of fighting george tiller makes us highly experienced in how to peacefully and legally shut down these late-term abortionists. we will be in omaha and at carhart's abortion mill on august 28th and 29th to encourage and train pro-lifers, working with us on this project to stop him from becoming the next george tiller. carhart's days in nebraska could be numbered. head of operation rescue signs the letters, yours for the babies, and asks for donations. women's groups across nebraska and kansas and other states are asking for counterprotestors to show up on saturday in nebraska as well as to block the operation rescue folks. in the middle of it all, there stands our next guest. joining us, dr. leroy carhart, friend and colleague of the late dr. geo
of people being negative on the left and on the right and everybody saying this is the end of america as we know it. you're -- i home hopeful. you're hopeful, too. you think this reset, this fundamental reset is great for america in the long run. >> i do. it's happened before many times and taking a bit of the long view, not discounting the real pain that people feel when the moments happen and they're out of jobs but, yeah. i think it is time after a very long run in one direction to sort of sit down and get a little sane. >> a year ago i was complaining every day about the fact that we as a country had a 0% savings rate. or germany. germany had a 10% savings rate. did they -- while i was -- >> not yet. >> still wasn't. >> yeah. >> all right. i was hoping it would have kateri katerina vitt on our side. we're up to like 7%. we are healing ourselves. like you said, a lot of people in pain but in the long run may be a great, fundamental reset for america. >> the idea that you just can't have it all for nothing, that there is finally no such thing as a free lunch is a good thing to be whacked
for america. >>> ethical absences or absentminded. either pay your taxes, mr. charlie rangel or leave your post as head of the means and ways committee. time to fish or cut bay. >>> are deficits saving the world? deficits? that's what paul drug man says. we will debate why he's totally wrong. fasten your seatbelts, "the kudlow report" begins right now. good evening, everyone. i'm larry cud low. welcome back to "the kudlow report" where we believe free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity. you're looking at live pictures from inside the kennedy library in boston, massachusetts tonight, where a private memorial service for senator ted kennedy is just getting under way, may he rest in peace. those set to share their memories are former presidential nominee, john mccain, vice president biden and caroline kennedy. nbc steve handelsman joins us live from the kennedy library in boston with some of the details. hello, steve. >> reporter: larry, good evening to you from the jfk library. the arrivals here showed off who's who of democratic politicians across america and the enormous kenn
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, abc 2 news. >> "good morning america" will have more on the story. >> the guy was out on parole, too, right? >> yes. 18 years. >> oh, man. >>> tens of thousands of teachers are needed around the country, and dozens are needed right here in our area of baltimore city. >> and many are looking for an affordable place to live. >> now they are offering more than spacious living and amenities. >> it's time to move in. sherrie johnson tells us how. >> reporter: good morning. tough economic times mean goods deals for some teachers. millers court is offering discounts to get those educators to move in. this was designed and the rooms feature high ceilings and large windows. it's located minutes from where teachers work. state and local tax credits offset the cost of development and operations. teachers say it is an option you can't pass up. >> makes rent a nonissue. we can pay for supplies instead of rent and utilities. >> rent ranges from $700 to $1500 a month for teachers. normally a one bedroom in the same neighborhood would go for $1100 a month. there is a waiting list but a similar com
facing america' futu. >>> good eveni. i'm martinavidge. >>> we are going to start tonight th afghanistan, where the death of a u.s. soldier today made this the deadliest month of the eighyear war for american forces. 45 u. troops have been killed so far in gust. itis withhat ackdrop, the escalatingar and its increasing toll that the wa for the results of last week presidential election ha turned increasilytense. we've learned on the dramatic example of that. a fiery meeting in ich the special envoy to th region chard holbrooke, raised concernsbout alleged election fraud th president hami karzai. kenny of itn puts it in context for s tonight's "lead focus." >> rorter: a president fast losing international support, a suspec and bloody ection, and one ve angry u.s. envoy -- the scene for a fiery meeti where richard holbrooke reportedly took hamid karzai to task and suggested a runf would help legitimize afghanistan's democratic process. the coalion is in a bind. foreign troops enable the first afgh-run elections in30 ars. but at the co of many lives. yet, there's no secretthere are deep res
of dunkin' donuts coffee on ice. this looks like a good spot. you kin' do it. america runs on dunkin'. treat yourself today with an authentic caramel swirl iced latte. >> we have breaking news. baltimore county firefighters are at the scenes of two fires. at the start street united methodist church on eastern avenue. another at a single family home in essex. it's unclear if they were related to the weather. >> there were some lightning strikes and perhaps there was a sounder going off. >> know, that was for the flood warning in effect for it harford county. because there was loud thunder, there was a lot of lightning. we have to see the lightning had something to do with starting the two fires. it is possible. it was intense last night. >> it was. >> let's look at hd doppler radar. we are in kind of clothes to show you what's going on -- we are looking at it closely to see what's going on. the thunder and lightning is gone, but there's still intense rain in cecil county. that is moving to the east. it is responsible for the flood warning for harford county until 7:00 this morning. but there
that america will appreciate that last struggle and honor him in some way. >> reverend jackson, keith ownerman. i'm wondering if senator kennedy said before his passing that there's no time for further measures on health care reform. given the roster of accomplishments of the senator's 47 years nearly in the senate, was it a hole, did he view this, do you think as another part of health reform, as another part of this continual battle that he seemed to be spearheading against whoever might be discriminated against, that it wasn't necessarily a color issue, a gender issue, an orientation issue, a poverty issue, it was whoever was getting the short stick in society was the person he was going to sting up for, did you see that it way? >> yes, because he believed we live under the law, america's a country of laws, so the right to vote, the right to access open housing, the right who health care, he believed that those are left out of protection. those that are much too early. he believed that the health care is the right for all americans as a moral obligation. the thing that impressed me the most
to promoting fiscal responsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. >>> good evening. i'm martin savidge. >>> we are going to start tonight with afghanistan, where the death of a u.s. soldier today made this the deadliest month of the eight-year war for american forces. 45 u.s. troops have been killed so far in august. it is with that backdrop, the escalating war and its increasing toll that the wait for the results of last week's presidential election has turned increasily tense. we've learned on the dramatic example of that. a fiery meeting in which the special envoy to the region, richard holbrooke, raised concerns about alleged election fraud with president hamid karzai. kenny of itn puts it in context for nus tonight's "lead focus." >> reporter: a president fast losing international support, a suspect and bloody election, and one very angry u.s. envoy -- the scene for a fiery meeting where richard holbrooke reportedly took hamid karzai to task and suggested a runoff would help legitimize afghanistan's democratic process. the coalition is in a bind. foreig
and the building. the supreme court is home to america's highest court, the first sunday in october on c- span. >> health and human services secretary kathleen says that passing health care legislation without senator kennedy will make things more difficult. this is less than 20 minutes. >> president obama is the administration is represented by secretary sibelius and the deputy secretary ms. green lead. we are very happy to have you here. i would like to congratulate you for picking what we think is the premier senior wellness center in the district of columbia. [applause] we also why you to know that it is no coincidence that we made this investment here. this award, ward 4, had the highest percentage of seniors in the entire district of columbia. we are 80,000 strong here. in our senior residents are, as he met many of them in your discussions, about 38% male, 62% female. our residents, for the most part, live on their own. they live on their own homes -- they live in their own homes. they have private doctors. they look to our government to make sure that we are providing assistance for ho
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to make up for 18 years? we'll talk with jaci dugard's stepfather later on "good morning america." >>> there's been an overwhelming turnout to say good-bye to senator edward kennedy. an honor guard stood by his casket, at the kennedy presidential library. >> thousands more are expected to line up through the day. t.j. winick reports from the jfk library in boston. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. it was an incredible and one of those uniquely american days here in boston. thousands lined up outside the jfk presidential library thursday night. all waiting to pay their respects at the casket of senator ted kennedy. >> he did a lot for social justice. and for the health care bill. and for the poor lp. >> reporter: at one point, the senator's family came out and greeted those who waited hours to say good-bye. it was an emotional journey earlier in the day, as well, as the hearse departed the family compound in hyannisport. ted kennedy leaving his beloved cape cod for the final time. >> this was his home. he was a friend to people who lived here. >> reporter: his former c
of the american people comes from having people like you from all over america go back and talk about the recovery thing that could work for you. i think he will start to see the blue line that comes down on my chart starting to turn. it will turn slowly and until we get back to the point -- it will take two or three years at a minimum -- we have looked at prior recessions and we find it can be as long as 38 months before you gain back all the jobs you have lost. people talk about a v-shaped recovery or other letters. that was not a reference to the prior president. [laughter] i wish i had been that cuba. i wish i would have thought of it. that means the recovery starts and debates and starts again. it has the shape of the letter w. we have too much to look forward to to look back. we keep our eyes ahead. we want to maintain the support of the american people to understand that the fact that we might be at the end of a recessionary period is interesting information. until we put people back into jobs and we have more people in jobs than we have before this started -- the president will not think w
america," where to shop for groceries at better prices. and that is your "money scope" report. i am vinita nair. >>> 6:21, 74 degrees. >> an incredible power union in california. >> she shocked me. the best news impossibly here. >> we will hear how a woman was found after nearly two after being kidnapped. >> later today, ready to laugh out loud. george lopez is part of oprah's comedy hour. >> we thank you for waking up with us. you're watching "good morning washington." >>> this is an unbelievable story. a california kidnapping case has come to an astonishing and. >> hundreds of leads went cold. she has surfaced along with disturbing details. we have more. >> it is a reunion 18 years in the making. police believe jaycee dugard has come home. >> she was in good health. >> to call this an improbable story is an understatement. 11-year-old jaycee was waiting for the school bus. a car with two passengers grabbed jaycee. what happened was one of the largest searches for and other abducted child in california history. there were coastaposters and vi. >> on her birthday, my wife with taker vacati
one for 88¢ plus, save on denim at america's biggest athletic shoes are $38.99 all bath towels are buy e, get one for 88¢ plus, night and day doorbusters go to and see everything on sale. style, quality and price matter. jcpenney >>> she was just 11 years old when she vanished, kidnapped on her way to school 18 years ago. she has been reunited with her family at the age of 29. another chapter in this investigation is just beginning. south a chapter in the kennedy legacy comta close. we'll be live in boston and at arlington national cemetery. >> tucker balkans will have an update on danny. >>> let's take a look at the u.s. capitol and show hua it looks like outside this morning. the sun will be up later this hour but right now, kind of a hazy 76 degrees. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. tucker is in. what does fall officially begin? >> for us in the weather department, it starts september 1st but otherwise, the third week of september. >> it is going to feel like fall starting next week. we won't dwell on danny too much. but danny's maximum winds now 40 miles per hou
. and his alumni is everywhere in government and in private sector, think tanks all over america. >> take a break. when we come back, a few more words from the senator. we'll ask you about that health care debate and his legacy in that area. back with senator mccain and ted kennedy's important legacy in 60 seconds. [ sighs ] whoo-hoo! this hair color is a washout. try nice'n easy with color-blend technology. in 1 step, get a blend of 3 tones. highlights, lowlights, and shine. it makes a fresh, light-filled frame for your pretty face. nice'n easy. your right color. tylenol pm quiets the pain that keeps you awake. and helps you sleep, in a non-habit forming way. >> larry: we're back with senator john mccain. he'll speak tomorrow at the memorial service for ted kennedy. senator, it's going to be a difficult vote. what if we put it this way, a way that senator kennedy once put it to me. how can a nation this rich and this strong have anybody not insured? >> he's got an excellent point. but the question is, in all due respect, whether health care can be made affordable and available to all ame
. and his alumni is everywhere in government and in private sector, think tanks all over america. >> larry: we'll take a break. when we come back, a few more words from the senator. we'll ask you about that health care debate and his legacy in that area. back with senator mccain and ted kennedy's important legacy in 60 seconds. ( siren blaring ) special interest groups are trying to block progress on health care reform, derailing the debate with myths and scare tactics. desperately trying to stop you from discovering that reform won't ration care. you and your doctor will always decide the best treatment for you. tell congress not to let myths get in the way of fixing what's broken with health care. learn the facts at >> larry: we're back with senator john mccain. he will speak tomorrow at the memorial service for his friend, senator ted kennedy. senator, it's going to be a difficult vote. what if we put it this way, a way that senator kennedy once put it to me. how can a nation this rich and this strong have anybody not insured? >> he's got an excellent point. but the
a su carrera como analista deportivo en radio america. merecido reconocimiento a dos grandes en su momento con d.c. united. ya en lo deportivo christian "gomito" gomez nos hablo despues de la derroto que sufrio anoche d.c. united 3-1 an toluca. vamos ahora con lo que paso esta noche en la copa sudamericana de futbol entre river plate de uruguay y blooming de bolivia. si usted quiere saber en que grupo de la champions quedo su equipo preferido, pues aca les tenemos los 8 gr///. vamos con las grandes ligas con otra victoria de la novena de washignton. ryan zimmerman empalmo un jonrone dos carreras y adam dunn aÑadio un garrotazo en solitario para que los nacionales superaran esta tarde 5-4 a los debilitados cachorros de chicago. la novena de washington tiene un record de 20 victorias con 21 derrotas bajo las ordenes del manager ierino jim riggleman. mike mcdugal saco los ultimos cinco outs para su 14to salvamento en 15 oportunidades. garon entonces los nacionales 5-4 a los cachorros. hace instantes los orioles perdieron 5-4 ante los indios de cleveland. y por la liga de campeones de
tech stocks like ibm and cisco. your financials like bank of america. your material stocks like dupont, your big industrials like 3m. 20%, 30%, 40% gains. but wait a minute, what about the rest of them? there's a lot of big names out there, folks, that have gone absolutely nowhere. the laggards. the consumer staple stocks. like coke and kraft. the pharmaceutical stocks like pfizer, many of whom are down. you don't know it, but chevron down 4%. exxon's down 11%. procter & gamble's down 14%. this is a huge disparity in big cap names. and again, it's evf even a mode rally continues some are arguing investors are going to start looking for broader exposure by moving into some of the above names. we'll be talking to phil orlando and robert pavlik. 1026 is where we closed on friday. 1029 is where we are today. that's flat trading, folks. high beta financials, same story all week, where still even today we're getting very heavy volumes in the big names. citi's going to do over a billion shares. again, those three names, 25% of the volume at the new york stock exchange. still sitting right nea
the road to recovery. and lead the way consumers or corporate america. larry? >> nine consecutive days, the greatest story never told. much i'm larry kudlow. hello, everyone. the long-term government deficit is deeper than first expected, but paul krugman says the spending spree is saving the world. that debate is ahead of us. this is "the call." we are cnbc. >>> stocks opened high, led by tech, but then came the consumer sentiment number hitting a four-month low, and stocks reversed gains. let's take a look at what the dow is up to now, now to the down side by 2/10 of a percent. the s&p 500 is looking like this, look over to the boards and show you what that's up to. sitting at 1031, still flat with an up side by for nasdaq, however, moving higher by half a percent. let's get over to scott wapner and find out what's pushing it to the up side. >> thanks so much. dell started things after the closing bell yesterday with better than expected earnings and the stock was higher. the nasdaq is up a half percent right now, but dell's shores up 4.5%. then came intel this morning just before th
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students to help fight intolerance and change the makeup of america's classroom. green, a member of the little rock nine, will join us. >>> danys istill a tropical storm. s bunot so strong any more. the storm has weakened over the atlantic. winds are just about 40 miles upe hounpew.o ical storwaa tch for oaast c is still in to affect today as l swells ctxeedpel toexpected to dangerous surf and life- threatening rip currents. and it's possible danny may regain speed. >> 76 degrees here in the d.c. area. and we turn our attention to tucker barnes and what is going on with danny. > we've had a lot going on. h adwe unththrstorms overnight and wor flooding overnight in baltimore. and we're starting with clouds d humidity and the hpotential of more halfy rain here in washington. not danny related buyou can see the cloud cover across the washington area. s st ff to the south an wntords wathe carolinas, the rain showers. all of that energy is pushing in our direction as an upper a. el lopu shw eso inurr w and because of that, the potential of showers and heavy thunderstorms this aft
of america, accounting for close to a third of volume in what has been a thinly traded market. is that cause for concern? as you probably know, aig, fannie and freddie have been paying to go to zero by a number of analysts. let's talk about what's going on in this market. joining us is ray harrisson, founder of haricon financial group, and j.j. burns, president of j.j. burns and company. so j.j., i'll start with you. what do you make of what's going on here? aig, the volume that it is controlling, the percentage moves that this stock has made for a company that's almost basically completely owned by the government, is unbelievable. >> gosh, if the government could back stop my business, i could take lots of risk and do anything i want, too. but it's funny, because the ceo of aig has been in talks of using the advisory capacity to consult and relationship of old hank greenberg, who is on the edge or finishing up a $115 million lawsuit that he hasn't admitted any fault or what he has done in the past. but interestingly, you know, i think what's going to happen with aig is that they're going to
, america. i'm diane sawyer with chris cuomo. robin is on assignment on this friday, august 28th, 2009. we have the fires out in the west. and the big storm bearing in on the east. >> we have the latest from both coasts. let's begin with sam champion. he's out on the end of long island, new york, where residents are watching out for danny. good morning, sam. >> good morning, chris. good morning, diane. this is the latest on tropical storm danny. it looks like we'll keep it a tropical storm. it's about 400 miles off the coast of cape hatteras. about 800 miles off where we're standing right now. and the waves on the eastern seaboard, are a little higher than normal. but we expect big waves as danny makes its way along the coastline over the next three days. with powerful waves from florida to the carolinas, storm danny will churn up the rest of the east coast. these nas dafoe toes show an how making a prediction on danny's exact path difficult. >> we have 10-foot to 12-foot seas. >> reporter: 11 states are watching danny's progress closely. but tropical storm watches are in effect for north
america. [captioning made possible by captioned by the national captioning institute bots bret: next on special report, can giving your neighbor healthcare insurance cost you your job? we'll give you the numbers. the white house is overseeing tough terror interrogations. thousands line the streets and wait to pay respects to the late senator ted kennedy, and an american military helicopter is targeted by somali pirates. we'll show you that video. all that plus the all-star panel, right here, right now. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. the effort to make sure all americans are covered by health insurance could end up costing millions of workers their jobs. that's the finding of a new study on the current plans offered by congressional democrats and the president, but is it a fair conclusion? we report. you decide. here is correspondent shannon bream. >> healthcare reform is not going to be free. >> in a study commissioned by the heritage commission, a price tag is put on the legislative proposals as they exist now on chill. the news is not good for
dealing with this health-care issue. trace: polls show that america is against the public option here. you have. read saying, we're going to give this a couple of weeks. and a couple of weeks, we very well may try to push this through with 51 democrats. they are going to go with their reconciliation vote. are you just thumbing your nose of what the american people have said they want over the past three and a half weeks? >> not at all. i think the whole point -- in five months, they will have a special election. this is to make sure that between now and when the vote's coming up that the people of massachusetts have representation. this is too important of a debate when health-care premiums have doubled over the past eight years -- >> we know that it will happen in five months. right now shows how desperate your party is. maxine waters has stated that -- maxine waters has stated that if you take the public option out, she will not vote for the bill. you have democrats dealing with the current legislation. >> i am just saying, i think are the problem is that instead of having some of rancor
around trees. >> it's time she comes home to her family. >> reporter: "america's most-wanted" dedicated a program to finding the 11-year-old. age progression technology showed what she might look like older. yet, the trail grew cold until this week. >> i'm very happy to be in front of you under these circumstances. jaycee dugard was found alive. >> reporter: but the joy of finding her alive has been obliterated by what investigators have learned. phill phillip garrido, and his wife, nancy. >> it was a hidden back yard, within the backyard. it inhibited outside viewing and to isolate the victims from outside contact. >> reporter: but garrido now admits to impregnating his hostage. forcing her to give birth at home to two girls, now 11 and 15. >> having those two children, those two girls. they slept in my arms every, single night. and i never touched them. >> none of the children have gone to school. they've never been to a doctor. >> reporter: on tuesday, garrido's web unraveled. while trying to distribute religious literature with two, young children, he drew the suspicion of a u.c. be
decades. the last-minute preparations upped way as the final brother of america's most well-known political family is laid to rest. >>> good morning and welcome to "news 4 today." i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm kimberly suiters in for barbara harrison this morning. it's friday, august 28th, 2009. let's take a live look outside. beautiful morning shaping up. a little bit on the warm side but cool, wet weather on the way. >> meteorologist tom kierein has joined us hooer in the studio for a look at our forecast for today and the weekend. coecur ors v iiewen anne arunde wuntyakgp u to some rpnain morning.ning this that is a line ofat some rswe rs and thunder arntgomery, how montgomery, howabout an hour ag abt an hour ago or two a hours ago. ith there's still some rn a little bit of thunder acro rtnocentral maryland art frederick county, carroll county o ntand iuto washington iou nt cy th satllouti angancidv to the rohn id m t mid to low 70s. 76 now in washington, 60s in the shenandoah valley. as the day progresses, remaining cloudy and humid. t ha a passing morning shower but a great
of the season sale. all arizona tops and bottoms are buy e, get one for 88¢ plus, save on denim at america's biggest athletic shoes are $38.99 all bath towels are buy one, get one for 88¢ plus, night and day doorbusters go to and see everything on sale. style, quality and price matter. jcpenney >>> back now with the latest on a developing story out of california. at least 2,000 people have been forced for evacuate their homes to escape a wildfire threatening parts of rancho palos verdes about 20 miles south of l.a. about 400 firefhters battling this blaze now. it has now burned through 75 acres. >>> it was a wild ride for dozens of children on a school bus in atlanta p a man leaped through a window and tried to hijack that bus. this is aris pittman on surveillance video at a store just moments before he jumped on that bus. pittman fought with the driver. the bus plunged down a hill. >> children, teenagers were jumping off the because buss as the bus was moving. i seen a lung young lady run to them and say help us, help us. >> witnesses say things want a little crazy as they tried
chief of staff, bill kristol, shared something about a trip to latin america with you, 1990, air force 2, you're the vice president, he is a veteran senator. how did he handle the bipartisan nation of that foreign policy trip? >> senator kennedy, he called me at that time, and as you recall, because you've covered this, you remember the bombing of ronny moffett and la tellier, being from chile. senator kennedy was very interested in having a full investigation of who did that. his suspicions were the government. well, in this particular case, i was flying down to see the government transfer power to president-elect linday. ted kennedy called me up and said, i want to go. i said, you can go, but you have to promise me one thing. he said, what's that. i said, you cannot criticize our administration when you're in chile. i will set up the meetings for you, you can have your own meetings, but you can't criticize us down there. and he told me, and it's very important and very telling about the kennedy family and ted kennedy in particular, he said this -- my brother always said that you should
you "bbc world news." we are broadcast on pbs in america and run the club. my name is mike embley. coming up later for you -- a 13- year-old girl goes to court so she can still run the world. and why one of britain's most creative industries is under threat. i love you. as details emerged about the 18 years jaycee dugard spent in captivity and california, the husband and wife accused of keeping her captive have pled not guilty. police admitted they missed the chance to rescue her three years ago when they responded to a 911 call reporting still with chants -- reporting suspicions. we have this report from antioch, california. >> this is jaycee dugard in happier times. soon after this video was taken, the 11-rolled disappeared. many thought she was dead. but this man, phillip garrido, knew where she was. he was are registered sex offender with past convictions for kidnapping and rape. police say he kept the girl prisoner for 18 years. >> having those two children, those two girls -- [unintelligible] i never touched them. >> police say this house was the scene of shocking crimes. it
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